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Nick – Blackened Slugs


Crucifuge by the band Ensorcelor (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I have to admit an epic failure on my part. I’ve been saying I was going to review this for quite awhile now and for some reason I caught a case of the “I’ll just do this quick first, then that” and never finished the “then that” portion of my idea.

Procrastination aside, Ensorcelor is one of my favorite bands. They’re on a regular rotation between their release Urarctica Begins in the cassette deck of my car, and Crucifuge is frequented on the ol’ turntable, and never leaves the playlist on my mp3 player.

I’ve kept in regular contact with Mike, guitarist for the band, and owner of the Media Tree Recordings label, sharing some stories of the plague that’s been following these guys for some time now. I can’t go into those details now, as that will be revealed in an inevitable interview with the guys, but I can say, that the line-up they’ve established for Crucifuge works together amazingly.

There are two tracks on here, By Mycomancy Insumed, and the title track, Crucifuge. By Mycomancy Insumed clocks in at just under 14 minutes 30 seconds and is everything I could ask for in a Blackened Sludge/Doom band. Slow, crushing overdriven walls, shrieked and growled vocals, with blackness consuming the entire mix. It’s at times beautiful, but still feels eerie and possessed throughout the entire track.

Crucifuge, the title track, just gets better. For 20:45, the music of Ensorcelor pulls you around, leading you through the world in their vision. The vocals really seem to pop out at me on this album. Lyrically the tracks are ecocentric, and at times they can feel spiritual. Just look at the mic stand, you know there’s something with nature and spirit going on here. Not to mention the 12″ LP has an Ouroboros actually engraved around the middle.

Do us all a favor and check these guys out if you haven’t yet. If you’ve liked the other stuff I’ve posted, you’re going to love these guys. Crucifuge is a huge step in the right direction from their last, but still awesome, album, Urarctica Begins. There’s just something comfortably sinister about this band.

Band Camp pick up the digital copy for $6.66
Media Tree Recordings

Note the shape they’re in.

After seeing my review on Gottesmorder, Rorcal got in touch with me about doing a review. In the email they included a link to the album and one to a YouTube video, Bruno’s description sounded promising, and obviously they have a good taste in Blog reading, and music, so I sat down to check them out.

For the past hour and ten minutes, I’ve listened to one song by these 5 gentlemen from Geneva (Switzerland). That’s right, one song. Heliogabalus is their fifth release. It came out in 2010 from the looks of things, and let me say, I’m deeply saddened that I’ve not heard of this group before today.

The first minute of this, is just a cymbal being hit, then, at 1:09 this wall of sound hunts you down and goes Misery (the movie) style on your ankles, holding you, captivating you, not letting you up for the next hour. Then 2:36 hits, and as you lay, crippled by sound, in a crying pile on the ground, a demon in man’s skin starts shrieking, and yelling. Your feeble body begins to quiver as chills race up and down your spine. Tears roll down your face as you try to cover your ears, but the sound is just too intense, your life is in their hands, for the next hour you are theirs, and they will not be gentle.

Or something along those lines. These guys are incredibly thick in sound, soaked in feedback, and as tortured as the mind of a serial murderer. It’s doomed out, droned out, fierce, and crushing(obsessed with using the word crushing).

The track itself is based off of the life and death of a Roman Emperor named Heliogabalus, you can find some more on his life and death via, Wikipedia, because we all know, that’s the most trusted source on the internet.

I really don’t think my ramblings on will do this any justice. They have Heliogabalus available for free download via one of the links below, but if you really appreciate what these guys have done, support them in some way. Seriously good stuff.

Official Site

Here we have Dirge’s fifth album, Elysian Magnetic Fields. I had never heard of this French band until I was contacted to do a review, and the description of the band I was provided with in an email from their promoter did not spark an interest in me.

Reluctantly, I went to the link they had provided for a Press Page, and downloaded the album from them in order to see if I wanted to support the band or not. My apprehension came back as a slap in the face.

Elysian Magnetic Fields is seriously layered to the maximum with a mix of Postcore and Sludge. There are so many things going on at any one time throughout the album that even after a handful of listens, I’m sure I’m still not totally grasping the magnitude of this album.

Although there is an enormous use of digital devices throughout the album, which I’m usually not a big fan of, the way in which Dirge handle their electronics is tasteful and a great addition to the overall sound. I’ve included a list of the members and their roles within the band towards the bottom, and it would appear that this is one versed group.

The vocals sail across the backdrop of sound in a half chanted type of yell, not so much demanding your focus as much as it seems to affect you subliminally. The entire album clocks in at just over an hour long with tracks ranging between two and twelve minutes. Two songs are seven minutes, and two are eleven (give or take the seconds)perhaps an ode to the convenience store chain? Doubtful, but it was my first instinct.

The amount of control that this band seems to possess is astounding. I can’t really pinpoint an exact example, but I just feel “control” throughout the entire album. Dirge have been around since 1994, and have released four other albums, so apparently they put a lot of time and effort into their releases. I plan on checking out the rest of their albums at some point, but for now, I have this.

Marc T. / guitars, vocals, accordion & samples
Alain B. / drums, acoustic guitars & samples`
Christophe [zomb] D. / synthetic sounds
Stéphane L. / guitars, vocals & samples
Christian M. / bass

1. Morphée Rouge [9:36]
2. Obsidian [7:35]
3. Cocoon [11:29]
4. Sandstorm [7:14]
5. Elysian Magnetic Fields [10:14]
6. Narconaut [2:22]
7. Falling [5:51]
8. Apogee [11:57]


Gottesmorder, a band with a name I can only assume I’m pronouncing correctly, have just dropped a new EP that is more than worthy of a review. Cvlt Nation did a pretty good review on this recently, I recommend dropping by and checking them out, but only after you have thoroughly read my review, picked it apart, and moved on with life.

Three gentlemen from Italy, putting forth a two song EP that clocks in just over 25 minutes. This music literally feels thick and heavy, but at no point does it ever sound muddied or “too much,” if there is such a thing. These guys take Black Metal, Doom, and Post-Rock and slap it all together for one hell of a sound. I can see this being taken for a sludgy “Cascadian” Black Metal band, although, they’re definitely a bit out of the actual Range to be considered that.

Take Wolves in the Throne Room, easy example, give them a nature abortion, and shoot them up with some black tar, and you might have at least a mental image of what this will sound like.

“Winternight,”the fourteen minute opening track casually guides us through the breadth of their music. Starting us off with a well placed pipe organ working its way through the background before being accompanied by harshly distorted guitars. The sound fades and at seven minutes, the moment you were waiting for with shit-yourself-anticipation, is finally revealed. Scathing, abrasive vocals and post-black/rock guitars penetrate the village of the ear farmers, likely bringing along with it a creepy skyline and soundtrack to the end of their lives. (see Battle Path review if that makes no sense)

Track two, “Abyss of Throats,” not only has an awesome title but is also an excellent continuation of the first 14 minutes that you didn’t want to end. Clocking in at just over 11 minutes, this track picks up a lot quicker than its predecessor. About a minute in, we’re already looking at what’s in store for the next ten minutes, spaced out, atmospheric Post Black Doom. (stupid genre labels)

My favorite thing about this album is that the drums are not overpowering. I love drums, but I hate when everything else sounds like shit because the drumming is too loud. Gottesmorder make me proud in their subtleties, giving us just the right amount of everything without sacrificing a bit of their sound.

I can honestly say there’s nothing I would change on this album, they hit it hard, and came out on top with this.

Gottesmorder WordPress Page
Absurd Creature Records

Ex Captivitate Salus by Gottesmorder
This is a track from their Band Camp page, from a compilation.

Yeah, that’s right. These guys get all caps in their title. You know why? I’ll tell ya, I know you’re wondering.

These guys fractured my skull, sharpened the fragments, built spears and then went around and impaled everyone that came near them in the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, all while playing their instruments.

Impressive? I thought so, not what just happened so much as the band themselves.

So, here’s Chase, Todd, Casey, Adam, and Nathan, just 5 dudes…3 of which were in Under the Earth together, and started Battle Path as a side project, blaring out some jams for us. After the demise of UtE, Battle Path became a primary focus. They’ve been together about two years now. Formerly known as Black Majesty, they changed their name to Battle Path due to another band already being named Black Majesty, and have since put together one hell of an album, Storm & Stress.

These UNSIGNED (cough cough) gentlemen deliver us 8 tracks of head nodding, body flailing goodness. I’ve bobbed my head through every one of my three listens thus far and despite the cramping sensation, I just can’t stop. They’re labeled Experimental, Doom, Ambient on their Facebook, but who the fuck likes labels these days? Genre labels are more like guidelines that elitist shitheads take to an unnecessary extreme. Just enjoy the music for what it is.

Enough about them, let’s talk about the good BP, not the oil spilling cock jugglers.

Three guitars go to town on your ear drums delivering sonic ear queefs as the tiny ear farmers(a very productive society) gasp for life through the suffocating wall of sound that emanates from a wall of amps, likely twice the size of my apartment. The relentless beating in my chest caused by the seemingly enormous drum and bass duo (are they giants?) holds the sound together and helps to deliver one crusher of an album. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you like Thou, which 90% of the metal world seems to, then you will definitely enjoy Battle Path.

I’ve only got this one picture, deal with it.

I’m stealing this quote from their Facebook, “So heavy we ate Satan.” And so it is, they ate Satan, and shat fire. Some bands’ sound will fill a space pretty well, but these guys engulf the space. Even my dog is standing in front of the speakers soaking it in (or maybe he’s being sucked in) as we listen to the album again.

The vocal delivery is one of shear brute force. There is one instance of a sung/spoken couple lines on the track, “Damn the Skyline,” not my favorite, nor is it truly out of place or bad.(did you cringe? are you an anti-singer? it’s not that long, get outside your box) Lyrically the concepts range between many subjects including, Anti-(over)consumerism, how feeble minded and, mundane society truly is, personal wars, and even a stab back in time to extinguish a plague that still reigns over us today. Serious, intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics, that are not to be given out, but if you listen well enough, you can understand.

To top it all off, they seem to be really good guys, very appreciative of the fan base they have. Go to their Band Camp, check out EVERY song, and pick this beast up for a reasonable price.

Age of Delusion by Battle Path

Video Hopefully