Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what girls are made of right? Nope…they’re equipped with the Mind of Satan at hand, inverting every cross in their path, setting fire to any number of things,and speaking in this weird hypnotic, reverberating voice. It’s really quite chilling(and fun to watch!…on YouTube…sadly).

Monarch! are from France (Bayonne/St. Augustine), and are the epitome of slow. You could go smoke a cigarette and drink a pot of coffee, come back, and the same note will still be ringing. The amp worship in this band is insane. The sheer heaviness bellowing forth from these guys and gal is uncanny. How they don’t shake themselves off stage is beyond me, or stop their heart from stopping via frequency overload. Emilie’s vocals sound at times like wolves creeping up from behind you as you’re running through a dark, wooded area. Not to mention their own imagery. They definitely have a fine aesthetic appeal to go along with their music, something I can greatly appreciate.

The LP has only two tracks, Sabbat Noir I and Sabbat Noir II, there is a third track that didn’t make it onto the album, which is what their Sortilege album consists of, the song that got away. (Luckily, I’ll be selling it soon!) Both Sabbat Noir I and Sabbat Noir II clock in over 14 minutes a piece and will be more than enough to satisfy that aching need for something slow, droney, sludgy, and haunting. So, don’t be a bum pick up this album before it’s too late. Rumor has it, a new album is on its way and its got some pretty awesome (omitted) up.

Emilie Bresson a.k.a. Eurogirl : vocals
Shiran Kaidin : guitar
MicHell Bidegain : bass
Rob Shaffer : drums



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Ensorcelor will be the first to get a post on here. Here’s a video I found on YouTube of a nice up-close concert (Feb.18th 2011 @ Kenthouse). They’re from Montreal, and play a very slow, harsh combination of sludge and black metal. Check these guys out, they currently have a cassette entitled Uracrtica Begins and an LP entitled Crucifuge available over at Media Tree Recording’s own blogspot. ( ). There are quite a few good releases on that page, I’d suggest rummaging through all of them.

and here’s another video

This is a nicely put together video for their track “By Mycomancy Insumed” (from the Crucifuge LP)

Ensorcelor Myspace Here’s their myspace, if you couldn’t tell by the link, facebook here Ensorcelor Facebook