Vowels – Hooves, Leaves & the Death

My second attempt to do this…had a really good review wrote and it froze and deleted it…

Round 2

Vowels play a unique and experimental blend of black-inspired metal. They hail from the northern part of Italy and believe their new EP, “Hooves, Leaves & the Death,” to be a “new beginning” for the band.

The track, “Not Unlike a Falling Leaf” is an instrumental piece that ranges from tremolo guitars and a violin to a nice stringed-instrumental, and even dipping into a soundscape that reminds me of the original The Matrix soundtrack. It’s 7:25 in length and showcases a bit of the versatility of the band.

The other track on the EP, “Wolves Eating the Sun,” is more up the alley of the blog and personally the track I prefer. It’s a trem-atmospheric jam with tribal-like drumming and a strange chanting, crooning voice that feels like it’s constantly building up for something huge. The fast paced drumming about half way through the song really picks up the intensity before the voice returns.

The art aesthetic of the album is pretty awesome, just look at the cover.

For me, it’s a little hard to get into, but I’m sure there will be plenty of people out there that really understand and appreciate what Vowels are delivering. So stop by the links below or watch the videos and give Vowels some support if you like what they’re doing!



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