Mhönos – Rotomagus Ritualis [Live Album]

Frater Stéphane had contacted me before about his solo album, Miserere, under the moniker Mhönos, and at the same time had included this live album of Mhönos as a complete band. I could have reviewed this at the time I reviewed the other but a couple things occurred to me…

1. The blog literally had about three viewers, and I felt they deserved more attention, so my plan was to wait it out a bit until I had more readers, and then review it.

2. I wanted the solo album to sink in with me so that I could prepare for Mhönos as a fully equipped troop and hopefully give it a better, more detailed review than before.

If you haven’t checked out the previous review on Miserere, the solo album, check that out too, both of these are excellent, unique albums.

Rotomagus Ritualis follows in the same vein as Miserere, bringing us a good combination of drone, throat chanting/yelling, tribal-like drumming, and a dreary, black atmosphere. This is one track, same title as the album, that rounds out at 38 minutes exactly. Having a full ensemble under the title definitely gives the band a fuller sound, that I would say is more enjoyable, or at least “accessible” to “Tender Ears.”

The sound is haunting, chilling, seriously sinister feeling with all the lights off and only a creepy sunset off on the horizon over downtown. The vocals linger menacingly like a voice you swore you heard, but have no proof of it existing. I imagine it as a soundtrack to your ensuing capture. The branches begin swaying, detaching your mind from anything other than their movement. All while millions of voices swarm in and out of your ears, between trees, beneath the ground, into the air. Everywhere, there are voices. Creatures lurking behind the trees captivating you with their sounds, bringing new life to the ever darkening night. A bell tolls as you realize you’ve been drug along to the exact point where they wanted you all along. Feedback fills your ears as a drum beats on, before the last chilling voice captures your soul, never to return.

Check these guys out, there’s a new album in the works.

Official Page

5 Minutes of the track.


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