Rorcal – Heliogabalus

Note the shape they’re in.

After seeing my review on Gottesmorder, Rorcal got in touch with me about doing a review. In the email they included a link to the album and one to a YouTube video, Bruno’s description sounded promising, and obviously they have a good taste in Blog reading, and music, so I sat down to check them out.

For the past hour and ten minutes, I’ve listened to one song by these 5 gentlemen from Geneva (Switzerland). That’s right, one song. Heliogabalus is their fifth release. It came out in 2010 from the looks of things, and let me say, I’m deeply saddened that I’ve not heard of this group before today.

The first minute of this, is just a cymbal being hit, then, at 1:09 this wall of sound hunts you down and goes Misery (the movie) style on your ankles, holding you, captivating you, not letting you up for the next hour. Then 2:36 hits, and as you lay, crippled by sound, in a crying pile on the ground, a demon in man’s skin starts shrieking, and yelling. Your feeble body begins to quiver as chills race up and down your spine. Tears roll down your face as you try to cover your ears, but the sound is just too intense, your life is in their hands, for the next hour you are theirs, and they will not be gentle.

Or something along those lines. These guys are incredibly thick in sound, soaked in feedback, and as tortured as the mind of a serial murderer. It’s doomed out, droned out, fierce, and crushing(obsessed with using the word crushing).

The track itself is based off of the life and death of a Roman Emperor named Heliogabalus, you can find some more on his life and death via, Wikipedia, because we all know, that’s the most trusted source on the internet.

I really don’t think my ramblings on will do this any justice. They have Heliogabalus available for free download via one of the links below, but if you really appreciate what these guys have done, support them in some way. Seriously good stuff.

Official Site


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