Ensorcelor – Crucifuge

Crucifuge by the band Ensorcelor (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I have to admit an epic failure on my part. I’ve been saying I was going to review this for quite awhile now and for some reason I caught a case of the “I’ll just do this quick first, then that” and never finished the “then that” portion of my idea.

Procrastination aside, Ensorcelor is one of my favorite bands. They’re on a regular rotation between their release Urarctica Begins in the cassette deck of my car, and Crucifuge is frequented on the ol’ turntable, and never leaves the playlist on my mp3 player.

I’ve kept in regular contact with Mike, guitarist for the band, and owner of the Media Tree Recordings label, sharing some stories of the plague that’s been following these guys for some time now. I can’t go into those details now, as that will be revealed in an inevitable interview with the guys, but I can say, that the line-up they’ve established for Crucifuge works together amazingly.

There are two tracks on here, By Mycomancy Insumed, and the title track, Crucifuge. By Mycomancy Insumed clocks in at just under 14 minutes 30 seconds and is everything I could ask for in a Blackened Sludge/Doom band. Slow, crushing overdriven walls, shrieked and growled vocals, with blackness consuming the entire mix. It’s at times beautiful, but still feels eerie and possessed throughout the entire track.

Crucifuge, the title track, just gets better. For 20:45, the music of Ensorcelor pulls you around, leading you through the world in their vision. The vocals really seem to pop out at me on this album. Lyrically the tracks are ecocentric, and at times they can feel spiritual. Just look at the mic stand, you know there’s something with nature and spirit going on here. Not to mention the 12″ LP has an Ouroboros actually engraved around the middle.

Do us all a favor and check these guys out if you haven’t yet. If you’ve liked the other stuff I’ve posted, you’re going to love these guys. Crucifuge is a huge step in the right direction from their last, but still awesome, album, Urarctica Begins. There’s just something comfortably sinister about this band.

Band Camp pick up the digital copy for $6.66
Media Tree Recordings


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