Yeah, that’s right. These guys get all caps in their title. You know why? I’ll tell ya, I know you’re wondering.

These guys fractured my skull, sharpened the fragments, built spears and then went around and impaled everyone that came near them in the Murfreesboro and Nashville areas, all while playing their instruments.

Impressive? I thought so, not what just happened so much as the band themselves.

So, here’s Chase, Todd, Casey, Adam, and Nathan, just 5 dudes…3 of which were in Under the Earth together, and started Battle Path as a side project, blaring out some jams for us. After the demise of UtE, Battle Path became a primary focus. They’ve been together about two years now. Formerly known as Black Majesty, they changed their name to Battle Path due to another band already being named Black Majesty, and have since put together one hell of an album, Storm & Stress.

These UNSIGNED (cough cough) gentlemen deliver us 8 tracks of head nodding, body flailing goodness. I’ve bobbed my head through every one of my three listens thus far and despite the cramping sensation, I just can’t stop. They’re labeled Experimental, Doom, Ambient on their Facebook, but who the fuck likes labels these days? Genre labels are more like guidelines that elitist shitheads take to an unnecessary extreme. Just enjoy the music for what it is.

Enough about them, let’s talk about the good BP, not the oil spilling cock jugglers.

Three guitars go to town on your ear drums delivering sonic ear queefs as the tiny ear farmers(a very productive society) gasp for life through the suffocating wall of sound that emanates from a wall of amps, likely twice the size of my apartment. The relentless beating in my chest caused by the seemingly enormous drum and bass duo (are they giants?) holds the sound together and helps to deliver one crusher of an album. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you like Thou, which 90% of the metal world seems to, then you will definitely enjoy Battle Path.

I’ve only got this one picture, deal with it.

I’m stealing this quote from their Facebook, “So heavy we ate Satan.” And so it is, they ate Satan, and shat fire. Some bands’ sound will fill a space pretty well, but these guys engulf the space. Even my dog is standing in front of the speakers soaking it in (or maybe he’s being sucked in) as we listen to the album again.

The vocal delivery is one of shear brute force. There is one instance of a sung/spoken couple lines on the track, “Damn the Skyline,” not my favorite, nor is it truly out of place or bad.(did you cringe? are you an anti-singer? it’s not that long, get outside your box) Lyrically the concepts range between many subjects including, Anti-(over)consumerism, how feeble minded and, mundane society truly is, personal wars, and even a stab back in time to extinguish a plague that still reigns over us today. Serious, intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics, that are not to be given out, but if you listen well enough, you can understand.

To top it all off, they seem to be really good guys, very appreciative of the fan base they have. Go to their Band Camp, check out EVERY song, and pick this beast up for a reasonable price.

Age of Delusion by Battle Path

Video Hopefully


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