Mutilation Rites, Batillus, and Racebannon

So last night, in Indianapolis, at a little music shop called Vibes Music (which is pretty awesome, first time being, and I think I’ll be making regular trips there from now on, awesome collection) Coffinworm, Mutilation Rites, Batillus, and Racebannon put on a show. The title excludes Coffinworm because I had to skip out before I got to see them. Huge disappointment, but I know they’re awesome live already, and work at 8 in the morning isn’t fun.

Anyhow, the show was amazing(ly hot), with fine technical(problems) amp work and just an overall electric show.

Mutilation Rites started off the evening, well, attempted to a number of times. Guitarist/Vocalist George for this New York Black Metal with some chunks of sludgeness, was repeatedly shocked by his microphone, as well as their bassist, whose name I didn’t catch.

After numerous rugs and other failed attempts, it was opted to drop a t-shirt over the microphone, thus making the vocals sound muddy throughout Mutilation Rite’s performance. This was the first time I had heard/seen these guys and I ate up all their merch, they’re that good.

The set was filled with a blend of sludgy amp worship kicked into overdrive with an intense level of Black Metal. These guys are definitely worth checking out, and the couple of them I met, seemed like some genuine individuals just in love with their music.

Up next was the almighty Batillus. I’ve been fucking beyond stoked to see these guys ever since I saw they had a date stopping off in Indy. However, their set was plagued more so than that of Mutilation Rite’s.

The band rumbled, tweaked, growled, and destroyed but sadly, it only lasted for two songs.

No fault of their own, the band had to throw in the towel after two songs as the bassist’s (who I talked to, and still can’t remember his name, apologies) gear decided it was a fine day to quit working. As disappointed as I was to only get to see two songs, I will never forget that set, and Batillus themselves seemed equally as disappointed.

Vocalist Fade Kainer (only reason I remembered his name was by checking my email) is one intense presence on stage. The pictures I’ve seen on Brooklyn Vegan make this man appear to be a giant. Although not technically a giant, his vocals punish like the mighty fist of a Cyclops (switched it up on ya) hammer punching a field of unsuspecting peasants, though, how could you not see a fucking cyclops?

I watched as DVDs rattled off of shelves through the thundering clamor, and people, including myself, with big shit-eating smiles, at how awesome it felt to be there. The crowd was meager, which even though it was a Wednesday night, should have been much larger (that means all of you, you lazy assholes that don’t go to shows, go to shows) in my opinion.

Racebannon took the stage after Batillus. Sadly, I live in Indiana, they’re from Indiana, and I’d never heard them until last night. I don’t really know what to make of those guys. The vocalist was an amusing host, lightening the mood a bit from the faulty start. These guys play an interesting breed of noise and metal and dare I say some kind of Indie? I’m not Indie-Savvy so chances are good I don’t know what I’m talking about. These guys were my first experience seeing a “noise” band, although I do enjoy quite a few that are out there, and it was definitely entertaining. I can’t say I’m going to go buy their material and jam it on a regular basis, although I should support my locals, but if you’re into Noisy Rock Metal Indie blah blah blah types, then check these guys out.

Apologies to Coffinworm for not sticking it out to see their set, I’ve not heard of any incidents with them, but the way the night was going, I wouldn’t be surprised. Overall an awesome night. Got a lot of new merch to wear and jam to, got introduced to an amazing new band, and I finally got to see Batillus. Two songs or not, it’s two more than I’d previously seen.

Let’s hope that they can make it back again soon, and I’ll be expecting a lot more people at this show….including my two fans. (I forgot my camera, if anyone has any pictures, that’d make this look better)

Mutilation Rites, seriously, don’t write these guys off.

Batillus….love this song

Racebannon…kind of funny, this video is from 2007, and they looked the exact same last night

Coffinworm of course

Vibes Music


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