The Osedax – Delayed Response

Upon doing a little research, rumors have it that one member of this band is formerly of Psyopus, and another from The MOD Flanders Conspiracy though I don’t know the full story on that. I honestly only know Psyopus whom I used to be obsessed with when I thought weird techy-metal was the greatest thing on earth and then Auggie left or whatever happened there, and “Odd Senses” came out, and well that’s where it ended for me. (no offense to Mr. Horn)

Anyway, this four man band from McLean, Virginia trudge through eight sludgy, doomed out, and at times hypnotic tracks on their album “Delayed Response.”

The album title, along with track titles like, “White Noise Transmission,” and “Primary Signal,” make me think of yet another epic worldly takeover via technology. Artificial Intelligence has gotten out of hand…Robotics shouldn’t know we taste like bacon, bacon is amazing, and that will only tempt them into overthrowing civilization even further.

Imagine the screams of millions of people being eaten alive by flesh-consuming robots obsessed with the taste of bacon (we’re the pigs…so true) and you’ll come close to Josh Albright’s vocals. At times he dips his tongue in the ink of black metal, and some hardcore-like yells, but for the most part its just a tortured scream resonating the distance of the songs.

Guitarist, Scott Coldwell, swarms through progressions and a healthy pummeling of sludge slaps, sucking you in and pulling you through the music while drummer Kevin Grevey, and bassist Mike Horn keep it all in place for one overwhelming onslaught of quality metal.

“Transient Progression,” is by far the quietest thing these guys have on this album, and it definitely falls into transient. Like a homeless person walking into the midst of a brutal war, this song fits oddly well intermixed with the violent six to nine minute bursts.

This album is up all over the place, do yourself a favor and check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed. Links and a video below.

ReverbNation Page
The Devil
That’s Official
Like a crocodile, it’s the dinosaur that just won’t die

You can see nose hair in this, turn the volume UP


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