Distro News 7-16-11

After working out some details, I’ve decided to start up a distribution center for the music I cover and enjoy on here. This isn’t going to be huge as I am a poor son of a bitch, but I will feature some albums for sale. Hopefully vinyl, but this first batch is CD.

I’ve not received the package yet, as I just put the order in a few hours ago, but the two albums I’ll be featuring (in limited numbers) are:

Grey Daturas – Return to Disruption (instrumental band, this is their last album, definitely worth checking these guys out if you’re a fan of the things I’ve posted thus far)

Monarch – Sortilege (This is only one song, but if you’re a fan of Monarch, it’s totally worth the money. This is a track left over from the Sabbat Noir album)

If any of you are interested in picking up one of these, or both (you know you want to) send me an email, BlackenedSlugs@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you once they get here and I get it all situated.

I am within the United States, therefore shipping will be significantly cheaper than ordering from out of the states and probably (haven’t looked into it honestly) significantly higher outside of the US.


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